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How Your Mind Shapes Your Personal Reality

It may sound like a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true when I remind you that you are a unique individual. There will never be another person in this world who has your personality, your unique mixture of strengths and weaknesses, and your breadth of emotional experiences. And it follows then that you are here to live your unique life, your way and on terms that are uniquely determined by your own set of personal wants, not-wants and life goals.

You are not here to serve the wants and agendas of the people you work for, the people you live with, the government or the media. Your only responsibility toward them is to love them and wish only the best for them, and to share with them your own individual set of talents, skills and creativity to foster a happier and more productive world for all of us.

To this end, your main responsibility, however, is to be yourself. To create what you want in your own life, and have the things you desire in life without any sense of guilt or selfishness, knowing that you are a worthy person and deserve only the best richness of experience that life has to offer.

Trapped by your Mindset Unfortunately though, many people find themselves trapped in a box that they mistakenly call "reality." It may be a literal box, like an office cubicle in which they spend most of their waking hours, or it may be metaphorical like those French mimes demonstate by pressing their hands against invisible walls. It is most often a mental box that limits your thoughts and emotions to a short-list of things you feel you "should" do or be, or "should-not" think or ever have.

We keep pet birds in cages for their own protection. But when we let society put us into a box of social and financial constrictions, or worse we keep ourselves in a psychological cage because we feel that somehow protects us, we do ourselves, society and God a grave disservice.

Some people live their entire lives in these boxes of limitations. Others eventually reach a point where, in the words of newscaster Howard Beal in the movie "Network," they finally realize they are "mad as hell, and not going to take it any longer!"

I can confidently assure you that waiting until you reach a breaking point is not the best way to improve your life, your relationships and your financial circumstances. If you wait until the pain becomes that unbearable, you run a risk of making a decision driven by anguish and not intuition, one not informed by your connection to universal intelligence. What works better than waiting until you break under the strain and become desperate is to make a simple decision that today you will start to create your own reality instead of living someone else's reality and agenda. And take decisive action, under your control and your freedom of choice.

Can You Create Your Own Reality?

That sounds incredible, doesn't it? But again I can assure you that with each of us lies the power to create and guide our own unique experience of reality. It is a simple interplay between reshaping our mindset, making informed decisions, and applying the incredible discoveries being made in the fields of neuroscience and brain-psychology being done by today's leading researchers.

To this end, a powerful new program has recently been released that has already changed thousands of people's lives. If you've watched "The Secret" and read about the power of the Law of Attraction, you know it is possible for us to take command of our lives. But you may have also found that these simplistic approaches also seem to be "hit-and-miss" techniques, that sometimes work but often fail to produce longterm results.

There's a reason for this. Like most things in life, changing your personal reality is a bit more complicated than pasting up a visionboard, or what the teachers in "The Secret" talk about. Not impossibly complicated, but it's like baking a cake. If you leave out even one important instruction, say how hot to make the oven, your chances for success plummet.

In his new program called "Mind Alchemy: Bend Your Reality," Steve Aitchison will first show you exactly how your mind has been designed to work, and how you are not using it correctly. It's not your fault. We human beings don't come into this world with an owner's manual, so we spend a lot of our lives experimenting, sometimes succeeding but often failing. The best teachers are those who have failed a lot, and now know exactly some of the reasons that things may not work our for most people, and more importantly, what changes you need to make in your thoughts and mindset to make the right course corrections in life.

We Show You the Steps To Supercharge Your Life

In Mind Alchemy Steve will show you exactly the steps needed to bring about desired changes in your life, or as Steve colorfully puts it: "To Bend Your Reality." He'll show you the principles underlying your awareness, and how you can tweak your brain to:

  1. Discover what you need in life to be truly happy, and how to deal with the feelings that something is missing.
  2. Find the partner of your dreams, and create an intimate relationship that has a sense of being mutually satisfying and fulfilling.
  3. Take control of your future and eliminate any fears or uncertainties that undermine your confidence and self esteem.

For too many decades our western civilization mistakenly believed that reality is fixed and unchanging. But now research and new forms of enlightenment are showing us that physical reality is fluid, maleable and can even be influenced by our thoughts and emotions. It is no longer New Age, but now has become the New Science. And cutting-edge teachers like those in "The Secret" and now Steve Aitchison are forging new disciplines of teaching that show how you can manipulate your physical circumstances. As you go through each of his lessons in this powerful program, your reality will literally begin to change for the best.

So Are You Ready for a Change?

I know you may have tried to change your life in the past, as many of us do, and even embraced programs and teachings that promised success on a silver platter. Or maybe you've finally come to a point where you want to try something new and groundbreaking, just to see what kind of difference it will make in your life. In either case, the Mind Alchemy program is your next logical step.

We're all facing a brandnew world that is so different from things that were accepted only a few years ago, in which individuals, orgnizations and even countries are having to rethink their approach to existence. Using the Mind Alchemy program could be the next big step in bringing about change you your own reality, and could even change the world as you know it.

Again it may sound cliché but you owe it to yourself, and those you love, to check out this new approach to mental training. Click on this link to see what Mind Alchemy has to offer for your success, prosperity and most importantly of all, your peace of mind. Stop living according to other people's agendas, and take control of your own life today.

The Mind Alchemy course

By the way, I'm working with Steve to promote this powerful new life-enhancing course because I believe in what he's trying to achieve in helping others to reach their fullest human potential. FTC regulations require stating here that of course by recommending any website or product for the benefit of my visitors it makes me an affiliate because the Highly Sensitive People website may be compensated, and that you should always perform your own due diligence before making any on-line commitments or purchases.