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Highly Sensitive People Need a Higher Vibration

I was amazed to learn that Albert Einstein (who was a highly sensitive person himself) was the first scientist who began to explore the quality of "vibration" in the universe. He determined that all matter is just another expression of fundamental energy, and everything in the universe — the sun, the earth, our bodies, our lives, the words we speak and the thoughts we have — is nothing more than a vibration of energy.

The rate each of these energies vibrates is called its frequency, and scientists are discovering that it's possible to experience entirely different states of consciousness, as well as stimulating powerful energy centers in the brain and functions such as creativity and mood enhancement, just by subtly "tuning" their frequencies. And the more highly tuned nervous system of an HSP benefits the most utilizing them.

The groundbreaking movie "The Secret" was one of the first popular discussions of vibrations and the Law of Attraction, and new methodologies and products are coming onto the market with increasing "frequency" these days.

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But there's nothing new about it. Actually, many of these techniques have been known for centuries, but were extremely difficult to work with. For instance, the solfeggio frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, which were held to be capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more Godlike and improve our sense of well-being. But over the centuries use of these frequencies was lost because changes were made in our western musical scales, altering the music's ability to tune our higher matrices of thought. The ancient knowledge was almost lost to the ages.

What is new is that today access to these life-changing frequencies has become extremely easy. I've just been introduced to a new method of tuning your internal vibrations by the founders of MindPowerMP3.com who have just released a series of powerful audio tracks designed to help people, especially HSPs, gain greater control over their vibrational state.

As a special promotion, they've set up a special limited-time webpage where you can download without any charge or obligation up to 20 of their most powerful recordings. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample one of the most up-to-date self-improvement technologies available today. Download the MP3s, try them out, apply this audio technique to your own life, and see fantastic results in only a few days. And it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Today's digital technologies makes precise tuning of these frequencies extremely economical, and they can be added to specially recorded MP3 tracks, which mix these fundamental frequencies with beautifully recorded classical music.

Applying these frequencies in your life, just by listening to these special tracks (preferably with headphones to focus the energies) will:

  • Increase perception and awareness by building new neural pathways in your brain — science calls it brainwave entrainment
  • Balance your heart chakra to become more tolerant, optimistic, compassionate, resourceful and even humorous
  • Enhance your ability to learn and focus by tuning in to the Earth/Gaia rejuvenating frequency of 7.83 Hz — called the Schumann Resonance or the "Earth's Heartbeat"
  • Relieve stress, accelerate healing and strengthen your immune system. In fact, scientific studies have demonstrated this conclusively

So since this is a limited time promotional offer, I'm happy to make it available here on the Highly Sensitive People website. Accessing this gift is easy — just visit the site below to discover more and to download your 5 free MP3s and also get 2 free reports explaining much more about this amazing new (yet amazingly old) technology. Here's the link to the special offer page:


I'm proud that the people at MindPowerMP3 have allowed me to become an affiliate for their groundbreaking new technology and FTC regulations require I mention this whenever I present any information about exciting new third-party products for the benefit of my readers.