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Raise an Emotionally Healthy Boy — Ted Zeff's New HSP book

I want to take a moment to make a shout-out to my friend, Ted Zeff, who has just released a new book directed to the parents of highly sensitive children, and how to be proactive in raising them to embrace their HSP gift.

Raise an Emotionally Healthy Boy by Ted ZeffThe book is titled Raise an Emotionally Healthy Boy: Save Your Son from the Violent Boy Culture and although I haven't had an opportunity to read it yet, I know Ted has provided a wealth of positive, affirming information and tips for helping your boy grow up to become an emotional sound and compasionate young man without falling victim to distorted role models as portrayed in computer games, media or his peer culture. This is a topic I've often addressed with my coaching clients, and I look forward to being able to share Ted's insights he's gained from his own years of experience.

Check out the details here.

And Ted's not one to rest on his laurels. He's already launched his next project, yet another book in which he'll be collecting stories of HSPs successfully coping in a non-HSP world. He's actively soliciting accounts from highly sensitive persons, both from his own practice and the HSP community in general. If you have something you'd like to share with other HSPs, about successfully coping with a challenging situation in your life in a society that unfairly stigmatizes the trait of high sensitivity, this would be a great opportunity to have Ted include it in this forthcoming book, The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person.

It will touch on almost all aspects of daily life, including your job, marriage and children, dating, friendships, going out to restaurants, movies and parties, dealing with illness, noise, diet, exercise, sleep, school, bullying, parents, siblings, pets, family gatherings, travel, crowds, religious institutions, your sensitive child at school, peers and family. Your story will be anonymous and you will have an opportunity to help tens of thousands of other highly sensitive persons by sharing your successful coping strategies. The only stipulation is that he asks you to keep the submission to a maximum of one page.

I encourage you to visit his website drtedzeff.com to learn more. And to get in touch with him with your story, he's set up a special link you can visit at: bit.ly/TedZeffPhD or if you would prefer to tell your success story by phone instead of writing it up, please email Dr. Ted Zeff at: emailtedzeff108@gmail.com to arrange a convenient time to share your story.
Ted also suggests you look into the gentle body-oriented therapies of Hakomi, the Somatic Experiencing and the Rosen Method which he has found to be of great benefit to HSPs. I recommend you check them out as well.